Exclusively for women,
You Look So Fine is a personal style consultancy dedicated to crafting a personal visual identity for each client as unique and distinctive as her fingerprint.


Leah Sakamoto
Aesthetic Alchemist

As the founder of YLSF, Leah is dedicated to empowering her clients by elevating their everyday ensembles via style + substance.

Once she fully comprehends a client’s needs and desires, Leah crafts custom solutions for each individual with passion, creativity and inspiration. Enacting profoundly positive transformation in a woman’s life is Leah’s favorite part of her job.

In addition to being an entrepreneur, Leah is the mother of identical twins. She knows motherhood is an ultra-marathon and Leah is passionate about assisting every incredible mother look and feel her best.




You Look So Fine specializes in collaborating with female clients based on their specific life stage. Whether you are single in the city, embracing a change in career or a new mother, the clothes you wear are the foundation for a
lifelong conversation you have with the world.

By deriving the essence of a woman’s lifestyle and ambitions, YLSF will translate that into beautiful, wearable attire based on a client’s needs and her specific life stage.

In other words: You talk. I listen. We collaborate. Angels sing. You look fantastic, feel phenomenal and wonder why you waited so long to make this deserved investment in yourself.

Services include:

  • Seismic Lifestyle Shift

  • Closet Exploration & Evolution

  • Special Event Styling

Seismic Lifestyle Shift


Entering a new life stage means your world has just shifted on its axis.

This new reality demands adapting to dynamic (and sometimes stressful) circumstances, and your clothes must keep up!

Evolution Evaluation

After a thorough assessment of your new needs, we will create a detailed plan identifying key wardrobe pieces for acquisition. These items will support your evolving lifestyle while enhancing your personal style, not to mention providing a much needed physical + emotional boost during this time of change.

Acquisition of New Items

Your time is more precious than ever. Allow me to shop on your behalf, then meet me in-store to quickly and efficiently try on the pieces I’ve pulled.

Need to stay close to home? Not to worry, I will bring the items to you. Keep what you love and I’ll return the rest.

Ongoing Style Support

No time to remember what outfits we created together with your existing + new items? Not to worry! We will take pictures of each, detailing specific elements for easy recall.


Closet Exploration & Evolution


Wearing only 15% of your wardrobe?

First We Curate.... 

This clothing audit results in a streamlined closet containing only items that make you look and feel fantastic. Life is too long for unflattering options to occupy real estate in your life (both physically and emotionally).

Then We Cultivate… 

Based on your edited closet, I will pull together new ensembles composed of the spectacular items you already own. We’ll take pictures of each outfit to enable effortless dressing when you are pressed for time.

Ultimate Evolution

We will craft a plan illuminating your individual aesthetic ethos, as well as specific pieces to purchase that support your overarching style goals. These items can be acquired over time or we can schedule a shopping session to firmly establish your new visual identity.

Special Event Styling


Talk of the Town

Heads will turn and jaws will drop as a result of our creative collaboration. Allow me to assist you in crafting the ultimate special occasion ensemble! 

Prior to shopping, we will identify your desired aesthetic as well as practical considerations to ensure your resulting ensemble leaves you feeling confident, captivating and comfortable.

Once we have a clear plan, I will pull distinctive elements of your outfit, including attire, shoes and accessories. You join me and keep the pieces that are clearly a perfect 10!

Beautiful Bride

The time when all eyes will be focused on you is on the horizon. Of course, you want to look stunning and feel fantastic on what will be one of the most important days of your life. 

Allow me to help you effortlessly navigate the process known as finding ‘The One.’ Once we find your dream dress, we will select accessories to create your ultimate wedding day ensemble.

When The Big Day arrives, you will be radiant and relaxed, fully present + immersed in your incredible journey to a lifetime of partnership and love.




Allow my clients to persuade you... 

Just finished another super successful outing and I couldn’t be happier. Leah absolutely gets my style. She doesn’t try to fit me into a style box I don’t fit in yet she introduces me to options I wouldn’t have considered without her.
— Kelly Y. San Francisco, CA
I’ve been working with Leah for several years but this last session with her was special because it was 5 months post partum. Leah helped me update my wardrobe with mother appropriate clothes that made me feel great.
— Jaclyn S. San Francisco, CA


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